The Deductive Division

The Deductive Division

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So, I hit 200 the other day and I know it’s a really small amount for tumblr but I just wanna let you guys know I really appreciate each of you :) don’t be afraid to ask me things! I try and answer all of it xx

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sheryl--holmes asked: joan- stop. moving. the. samples. It doesn't matter that they 'gross you out'- they are imperative to solving the mining case, which we have already spent far too many hours on. Its getting tiresome. oh, and we're out of biscuits- go pick some up.



First of all, you don’t need to leave your samples out in the open. Keep them in your room or something.


And second, get your own biscuits.


One- I’m busy.

Two- we NEED biscuits. 

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